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Power & Wisdom Mastermind

Have you been feeling stuck at a crossroads, knowing there is something you have felt called to do, that you keep allowing yourself to make excuses for putting off? Do you feel for whatever reason you have not been able to fully tap into your Authentic self, find your Voice, Unveil and Express yourself in the way you have always desired to? Have you been confused lately because the Beliefs or Religious views you once held to as matter of fact, are no longer so crystal clear, and many things you once ruled out, are suddenly.... peeking your curiosity?


Dive into an Immersive 90 Day Journey with an Incredible diverse group and several Coaches in an intimate setting to get Real, Raw, and Transparent...Open yourself up to receive Clear Revelation direct from the Source, and receive Input from a Diversity of vantage points, helping you Identify your Desires, the Challenges and Obstacles between you and them, and map out an Intelligently Designed Strategy that you can walk out within the 3 months, immediately taking action, staying motivated, and being held accountable by your group, to Succeed.



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Your Coaches

Over the course of 90 days you will have the opportunity to engage a Diversity of Specialized Coaches in 7 1 on 1 Sessions.

Cyrus Mwanza

Zambia, Africa

Cyrus has traveled the continent of Africa, impacting young people, business leaders, and governmental and political offices with his presence and passion. He exudes and releases the fire of God and compels all who hear him... to BELIEVE in their fullest capacity.

Pioneering the message of our oneness with divinity through the nations of Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland, S. Africa, and beyond... Cyrus is excited to partner up with us and propel this group of 12 precise people into the next season of their destiny.

Each mastermind member will engage Cyrus 1 on 1 once per month and encounter him weekly at the group Mastermind sessions. Cyrus is Passionate about prayer and has asked specifically for the role of continually covering the group in prayer and backing all In the spirit, partnering and entangling with them and their dreams and goals to ensure we assist in secured victory.

Beth Martens

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Beth is an archetype, purpose and business coach, trainer of coaches, host of the "King Hero's Journey Podcast", and founder of the House of Free Will in the private domain.

After a decade as a corporate VP in her family’s firm, eight trips to India, and a 3-year battle with cancer 20 years ago, she used archetypes to save her life. Today she helps truth lovers find their sacred purpose, be valued for their life’s work, and survive the ordeals of their Hero's Journey.

Beth, who has been personally assisting us with our coaching, mentorship, and transformational retreat business, has resonated with our message and music, and the many parallels our journey has led us to realize.

She has offered to partner with our Mastermind by offering each of the 12 Members: "A 45-minute reading and coaching session with Beth, you will discover not only more of who you are but where you are on the Hero’s Journey so you can see what you may have missed and what is on your horizon. That way, you can focus on finding your people and being of purposeful service to them. Includes a one-month guest member pass to the private domain House of Free Will."

Daniel David & Keyla Osczepinski

Volcano Conception, Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Daniel is a free spirit that moves like the wind, travels the world, has simple yet wild childlike faith, and holds that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO HE WHO BELIEVES.... Loves to explore the limitless creativity of the imagination and is fascinated by wisdom.

Recently exploring deeper and deeper into current and available AI tools and applications for creating efficient and automated solutions for Entrepreneurs to become more productive and Free up their Time. He perceives with a visionary mindset, "out of the box" perspectives, intelligent design, and strategy for planning the steps of the HOW TO....

Daniel Thrives in group settings, and his passion is facilitating spontaneous roundtable free-flowing spirit circles.... Hence, this Mastermind Group.

Keyla is an encourager, a mother to everyone, a prayer warrior, and a dreamer. These two will be surprising you, randomly checking in and checking up on you, holding you accountable to your goals, praying for and with you when you need it, and just rooting you on to the finish line and into the desire fulfilled!


1.Have outgrown the Religious Paradigm you once just took as matter of fact, but have now been questioning, challenging, overturning many of the things you once held to be True... And also feeling led and drawn to many of the things you were told and made to feel and believe.... Were "off limits", "evil", "demonic", "satanic"... and are beginning to see through the Control Structure of Ignorance.

2. If you have a Deep Desire to be Free, Really FREE... On every level. Within the world of Paperwork and Documentation, Financially Free, Time Free, Debt Free, Healthy, Wealthy, Wise, and setting up your Children & Children's Children with a Legacy... Secured and Protected Land, Assets, Businesses, and the Knowledge that was withheld from us, as to Who we actually ARE, and HOW this world works.

3. You are actually doing well... You're accomplishing your Goals, you're making good money, you are AWAKE and AWARE... but you are lacking regular consistent fellowship and Spirit engagement with like minded, Awakened and Activated, Passionate & Driven Spiritual Pioneers to DO LIFE WITH.... and would LOVE a Regular Roundtable Environment to completely MIX UP the normal current Flow of your Life...


"I had the most incredible experience with the business mastermind group led by Daniel. His guidance and the expertise of the professionals in the group have completely transformed my business and my life. I am now thriving, attracting more clients, saving money, and enjoying precious time with my family, and in the process have made friends for life, a tribe really. It’s a life-changing opportunity that I highly recommend to any entrepreneur looking to take their business to the next level."

Michelle Joyner

"Being a part of the mastermind group was transformational. It was a safe place to let out my dreams, goals, and desires, and receive feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs. The wisdom that effortlessly and freely flowed from and to each member was immeasurable. It's really neat to see where we all started and where we are now."

Kandra McCarty

Listen to what the Members of our last Mastermind had to say on the final week!

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Unleash, What is WITHIN YOU

Christ is BOTH, the POWER & WISDOM of God

Let us HELP you Identify your Goals EXACTLY, Design Intelligent Strategies for you to systematically take Action, and MOTIVATE you to GET UP, EVERYDAY, and DO IT! You have been made a PARTAKER in the DIVINE LIFE, and there is NOTHING that you can not accomplish with the right Tools, Environment, and Support.


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